Charleston, South Carolina


Jos Dubois Clocksmith

Expert servicing and repair of fine mechanical clocks.

If you have purchased a new floor clock or are moving an older one, I can set it up in its new home to help ensure reliable operation and long term satisfaction. This service includes:

 Remove all packing material and inspect the case and parts for any damage or loss.

 Level the case.

 Install the weights and pendulum.

 Put the clock in beat.

 Set the moon dial and calendar dial, if present.

 Verify that the night shut off, if present, is working properly.

 Verify that the chimes and strike are working properly.

 Regulate the clock. Note that final regulation will have to be done by the customer after the clock has run for several days.

 Demonstrate proper operation and care of the clock.

I can also provide assistance in preparing the clock before a move, to minimize the possibility of damage in transit.

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Floor Clock Set-up