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About Us

Well, me, actually.† Jos Dubois Clocksmith is a one man operation (although my daughter helps with some of the bookwork).† When you call to inquire about a repair youíll be talking to the clocksmith and it will be the clocksmith who explains the repairs when you pick your clock up.


I have been repairing clocks for about 6 years, but my experience with the fabrication and repair of mechanical devices goes back much farther.† For the first 20 years of my adult life I worked as a tool and die maker in several industries.† I worked on projects that ranged from resurrecting a 15 year old die to make trim pieces for the 1965 Mustang to fabricating gauges that were used in the assembly of the space shuttle.† After several more years managing quality systems and regulatory affairs in the medical device field, I decided to pursue clock restoration and repair as a full time vocation.

Although my life experiences provided the skills and background necessary to repair clocks, I knew that to do the best job possible I would have to draw on the knowledge of experienced clocksmiths.† I enrolled in the home study course offered by the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), the national professional organization for clock and watch makers.† Under the mentoring of Laurie Penman, a well known clockmaker and author of several books on clocksmithing, I studied the theory and practice of proper repair and restoration of mechanical clocks.† My professional education continues through my membership in the AWCI and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.


My philosophy is to treat each clock in my care as someoneís treasured possession, not just a repair job.† I donít make quick repairs that may make the clock run for another year, I restore the clock to its full original function using time tested methods that preserve the integrity of the clock.† Particularly with antique clocks, I endeavor to preserve as much of the original material as possible.† This approach also ensures that your clock will give many years of reliable service when it is returned to you.

Expert servicing and repair of fine mechanical clocks.

Charleston, South Carolina