It has been my experience that by the time a mechanical clock quits working a complete overhaul is generally required. The oil used to lubricate the clock tends to dry out over the years and it picks up dirt and dust from the atmosphere, eventually turning into an abrasive sludge. If the clock is lucky, the sludge will increase friction in the clock enough to make it stop. A lot of clocks, however, will continue to run in this state, causing excessive wear to the pivots and bearing holes until the clock literally grinds to a halt. Oiling the clock may enable it to run for awhile longer, but at the expense of increased wear. The fresh oil only serves to wash the sludge farther into the bearing holes where it will continue to do its damage. A proper overhaul requires complete disassembly, cleaning, repair, reassembly and adjustment. Anything less is a temporary fix at best.

My standard clock service includes all the work necessary to bring your clock back to like new condition. Your clock will be ready for several more years of trouble free time keeping, regardless of its age. The standard service includes:

 Completely disassemble the clock and clean all parts in an appropriate solvent.

 Inspect all parts for signs of wear or damage, looking for things like scored or bent pivots, worn bushings, bent arbors or wheels, bent or cracked teeth, worn pinion trundles or leaves, etc.

 Repair or replace worn and damaged parts.

 Clean, inspect, and lubricate mainsprings, if present. Replace springs if they are fatigued, cracked, or rusted.

 Clean, inspect, and lubricate weight pulleys, if present. Inspect cables or chains and replace if necessary.

 Polish the movement parts if the movement is visible or was originally polished (as is the case with most French clocks).

 Re-assemble the clock and lubricate with synthetic clock oil.

 Adjust and test the escapement, striking and chiming functions, if present, and regulate the clock.

 Give the case a light cleaning and reinstall the movement.

 Test the clock for several days to verify proper operation.

 Provide written and verbal instructions on the proper care and operation of the clock.

 The Standard Clock Service carries a full two year warranty against failure from any cause (except abuse, of course).

In the case of floor clocks and very large wall clocks, I will come to your home and remove the movement from the clock to be serviced in my shop.

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